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My Work

My work spans the levels of one-to-one, small group and large scale processes. I offer my work to a diverse range of contexts whether organisational development, community building, multi-stakeholder dialogues or supporting personal leadership mastery. My expertise is in participatory leadership which seeks new collective knowledge, as well as working with complex challenges that require new solutions.

How do we transmute complex challenges into opportunities for growth?


Collective Intelligence

I support organisations, strategic partnerships, and communities to come together at moments when there is a need to change or evolve. I do this through creating events, gatherings or conferences into learning ecologies where people come together to exchange different perspectives in a collaborative way so that new collective intelligence can emerge from the diversity. This involves clarifying the purpose of why stakeholders should come together, designing the appropriate process based on the purpose, hosting in a manner that creates the conditions, offers just enough structure, yet also allows participants to create their results, and capturing the collective intelligence so that new insights or solutions can be made visible and supports follow up through new decisions and actions.

Example of Work

JDC & ECJC, European Jewish Leaders, European Commission DG Communications, (Participatory Citizens’ Dialogues), European Data Protection Supervisor (Digital Ethics Conference), Staff Seminar, European Commission DG NEAR, DG Communications, DG Connect, DG Research and Innovation, (Strategic Away Days), Athens Jewish Community, (Community Event), European Commission DG Move, (Road Safety Symposium), European Commission, DG Grow, (SME Assembly 2016), Fundamental Rights Agency, (Civil Society Conference), European Commission, DG Markt, (Social Business Initiative Conference), European Commission DG Communications, (European Direct Information Centres Conferences), Ralph Wallenberg Institute (Staff Seminar), Gendernet, (European 2020 Project), FMO Bank, (Bi-Annual Customer Conference), Partnership in Jewish Education (Coaches Retreats & World Café in Bi-Annual Conference), Centre for Emerging Futures, (Global Village Square), Children Hospice South West (Care Staff Day), Harrogate Council (Big Conversation Conference), Nottingham City Council, (BME Conference), North Wiltshire District Council, (Community Planning Conference), Wiltshire County Council (Wiltshire Strategic Partnership Conference)

European Commission, DG Market

Social Business Initiative Conference

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Living Systems Paradigms

As one of the co-initiators of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations which is a training, approach and world wide network, I offer a three day experiential training with other co-hosts that teaches a living systems paradigm in how organisations, communities, teams and individuals can operate. This provides an approach that is applicable to more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, (VUCA) contexts. It teaches people a new world view as well as methods and skills in how to work with uncertainty and complexity generatively.

In addition, I have co-created with colleagues the Living Wholeness Route Map, a systemic change process that enables individuals and teams to experience first hand inner and outer systemic change through an eight-day experience, entitled Immersions. As part of this we also offer trainings in the Art of Protection and Hosting Oneself.

Example of Work

Greece, (Athens and Rhodes), Bulgaria, (Sofia and Plovdiv), Amsterdam, Japan, European Commission Practitioners Gatherings, European Council Participatory Leadership Entry Level, European Commission (Entry Level Participatory Leadership, DG Connect, DG NEAR, DG Environment Israel, United Kingdom, Centre for Emerging Futures (Palestine & Israel), Egypt, Boston, Berlin, Living Wholeness Immersions, etc.

Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations


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Practicing & Applying

New Forms of Organising

A significant part of my work is in applying new forms of organising and cultures of working. Inspired by a living systems perspective , I work with strategic partnerships and organisations that are experimenting and searching on the edge for new forms of living and working. This work takes the form of Social Labs, Projects seeking innovation in policy making, reframing of bio/political regions, learning from Indigenous Practices and organisational culture change programmes.

Specifically, I offer support in defining the inquiry area, designing the process, convening multi-stakeholders and hosting collective inquiry in a context where initially the final outcomes can not be foreseen due to breaking new ground. As part of this, I support the development of core teams to act as a ‘sensory organ’ and steward the deeper purpose of the inquiry which requires helping them to develop skills of working with the unknown, process architecture, participatory methods and capturing new collective knowledge that brings insight on the next steps.

Example of Work

Citizens Lab, Digital Futures, Nile Forum, Finance Innovation Lab, Centre for Emerging Futures, Heschel Institute, Powers of Place Initiative

The Citizens’ Lab

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Inner with Outer Performance

Working with complexity and ambiguity, requires personal mastery and leadership that aligns the inner condition of individuals with the external context in order to produce performance that has impact and value. I work on a one to one basis, with individuals who are either in leadership positions within organisations or who are initiating new projects or inquiries. My work is to help them navigate the complexity and ambiguity they face in their work by supporting them to look within themselves in order to find the best way forward. I ‘walk’ with my clients into their fears, desires, enthusiasm and concerns so that together we discover new insight and direction.

I also do this with teams, whether they are senior management teams, work teams or project teams. Here I support teams to become ‘corporate’, i.e. to work as one body, so that as individuals they offer their personal mastery to the greater purpose.

Example of Work

European Commission DG AGRI DDG2, DG MARE Senior and Extended Management Team Development, DG Connect, Directorate, Children’s Hospice South West Care Staff

The Children’s Hospice South West

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Foundations of My Work

My work is founded on a living systems worldview, which invites us to create through participation, relationship and an interconnection. Diversity and plurality are necessary for creating any ecosystem, providing that the spectrum of difference is seen as working together to create a greater whole. Complementing and collaboration is more important than competition. Conflict and crisis are opportunities for transforming, letting go what no longer serves and opening up to what could work. Uncertainty and unpredictability are not enemies to be controlled, instead they are conditions that can help navigate from one known state to a new one. Chaos and Order are seen as natural states that allow evolution and growth. Human systems are living systems that flourish when allowed to self organise around a purpose of meaning.

Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little. The artist never entirely knows. We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.

- Agnes de Mille ~ chorégraphe, danseuse et metteur en scène américaine, (1905 1993)

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